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Welcome to THRIVE University, one of the leading intensive-training programs on advanced retirement income planning in the country. At Thrive U, financial professionals learn to harness the math and science powering the innovative strategies developed by Curtis Cloke during his over 25 years in the financial planning industry. Hone your skills in retirement income planning and take your knowledge base to the next level by attending a session at Thrive U!

Do you want confidence you're structuring optimal retirement plans for your clients?

About THRIVE University

Thrive U is a highly engaging learning experience. Through interactive seminars and case study sessions, you will master both the theory and the practice of the high-level retirement income planning concepts presented.

Some have described the intensive nature of Thrive U as "drinking from a fire hose." However, thanks to Curtis's easy-to-follow lectures combined with step-by-step case analyses based on real-life clients, attendees quickly learn to wield the power of the innovative strategies they are taught with confidence. You will walk out of Thrive U with concrete ideas on how you can immediately begin to help your clients retire more securely and with greater emotional well-being.

A main focus of Thrive U is an exploration of the foundations of the unique Thrive Income Distribution System. The Thrive system is the end-result of Curtis's more than 25 year search for the optimal retirement income planning approach. Central to that system is the innovative use of annuities in retirement income planning, a topic on which Curtis has been a nationally recognized thought leader for the past two decades. Today, annuity-based strategies have been widely recognized as the best option for those investors who prioritize both security and peace of mind in their retirement finances.

Topics Covered

At Thrive U you will take your expertise in retirement income planning to the next level by mastering advanced topics such as:

  • How to apply a "divide and conquer" strategy for solving the most complex retirement income challenges
  • Optimal use of annuities in retirement income planning
  • Best in the industry practices in the use of Delayed Income Annuities (DIA's) and Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA's)
  • Creative approaches to minimizing tax liabilities
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) compression
  • Client acquisition strategies that can push closing ratios above 90%
  • Protecting your client from the greatest financial risks facing retirees
  • Methods of analyzing and restructuring cash flows in retirement to optimize assets
  • Advanced 1035 exchange solutions
  • The concepts powering Curtis' innovative Annuity Bulldozer application and Thrive Income Distribution System

Why Should I Attend THRIVE University?

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