Give Your Clients More Than Just Spreadsheets.

Drive Client Engagement by Providing a Visual Dashboard of your Client's Retirement Future.

Retirement NextGen (RNG) is an easy to use, dynamic retirement planning software tool that utilizes math & science to allow financial professionals to frame retirement solutions for their clients.

Retirement NextGen provides:

  • Retirement Income Dashboard that quantifies core measurements and frames safe vs. unsafe solutions
  • Income gap analysis
  • Current asset types (pre-tax, after-tax, tax-free, and tax-exclusion)
  • Dynamic tax calculations annually
  • Social Security Optimization and Timing
  • Pension Optimization & Election of options
  • Life insurance as an asset class and as a death benefit
  • Bracket-Bumping Roth conversion testing (offers easy wizard tool)
  • Built in Universe of SPIA, DIA (VA & FIA’s coming 2017)
  • “Monte-Carlo like” back-testing and simulation of multiple indices
  • Long term care testing of “Insurance vs. Self-funding” methods
  • Home equity line of credit testing (HECM)
  • DOL best interest (provides evidence of optimal solutions tested from multiple iterations)
  • Future defensibility for advisor best interest standard
  • Dynamic Medicare Part B cost (by tier and income levels)
  • All retirement income strategies that may include, SWIP, Bucket, and Floor
  • The ability to individually value each prescriptive recommendation of the plan
  • And much, much more…

Where did the idea of RNG come from?

Curtis is a seasoned frequent flyer- however, this was not a typical flight....

Watch a short video on some of the features of RNG!


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